We give you VOXX

by: Lisa Sorich and Rosetta Lane

The day we met we had zero clue what was about to happen.

Lisa was simply looking to fill the spot of Associate Producer in her company.  Rosetta was a recent college graduate, fresh off a challenging project, nosing around to see what was next. 

A scheduled 30-minute job interview turned into an impassioned 90-minute conversation on women’s empowerment and all of the beautiful, unsung gifts ladies bring to this world. 

We both left that meeting buzzing.  Lisa’s suite-mate commented, “I sensed a real girl crush happening over there.” Rosetta was hired, practically on the spot.  Afterwards Lisa had to text to ask if she was proficient at Word and Excel (she is)…definitely hired based on “fit” vs well, anything else.

And what a fit it was.

We soon started discussing the possibility of creating an event series here in Chicago. One that shines a light on fantastic women from all walks: all-inclusive, all joy, all in.

We fell in love with the idea that pairs of ladies would be on a couch together, getting to know each other as the audience got to know them both.

Inspired by our chromosomes, the working title was “The Double-X Event”.  Didn’t really roll off the tongue.  We looked at more esoteric names. “Breathing Room” – might work for middle-aged women but not for young, fierce, fiery types.  They had all the room they needed.

Finally, we brainstormed words including “X”. 

There is was, jumping out at us…

vox I (VŌKS) I noun - Latin; a voice or sound

Add our chromosomes and you have: VOXX. 

We stood back and looked at the word; our double-XX’s lead by the V and the O, both symbolic of lovely lady parts.  Sigh.

It was another moment that left us both buzzing.  Another instant fit.

We’ve had such an amazing journey thus far.  Not an ounce of our time on this effort has felt like “work”.  We are beyond thrilled to be introducing VOXX to the world.

www.voxxlove.com launches today - Valentines Day, love day.

VOXX live, our event series, will launch March 8th – International Women’s Day. We’ll have four amazing women sitting on the VOXX couch in pairs to talk about their journeys thus far.  We’ll also invite the audience to spend a few minutes on the couch to shine a light on their journey or the journey of someone they respect and admire.

Join us.  Join the conversation.  Join the movement to celebrate and connect women.

We’re so happy you’re here.  XXO – Lisa & Rosetta