Meet ... Brittani Martin

Brittani brings a special touch to the world of birthwork with her warm presence and strong passion for community. She describes being a doula as one of her missions and deepest called for duties.  Brittani's first experience with labor and delivery was shared with her younger sister whose story left them both hurt, confused and feeling aimless for information and comfort. 

With an education in creative writing (Southern Illinois University) and women's studies (Columbia University, NYC), Brittani and birth found each other in the whirlpool of non-profit and holistic work. 

"Birthwork sits at the intersection of everything I love. Community, people, relationship building. Women and their rights, their voices! Education and the amazing outcome that occurs when folks are taught in safe spaces such as living rooms and community centers." 

Although she has no children of her own (yet), Brittani's ability to create connection, safety, and educate birthing people and their support systems is undoubtedly a true gift. 

When not discussing the beauty of placenta, you can identify Brittani's laugh in many creative spaces around the city, trying new recipes, reading, writing, and expressing herself on various platforms surrounding social passions such as women's rights, birthing trans folks, and the importance of black lives.