Meet ... Candice Wu


Holistic Healer, Intuitive Coach, Body Wisdom Facilitator of Embody Your Nature

Candice supports people in embodying their true selves, being whole, and loving themselves through all levels including physical, energetic, mental/emotional, spiritual, and pure consciousness. She integrates spirituality, soul work, trauma and intergenerational trauma healing, Somatic Experiencing + Therapies, Family Constellations, yoga, ayurveda, and voice dialogue.

Candice believes that the body stores information and healing from within. She supports in body wisdom so that her clients can feel like themselves, at ease, and in partnership with their bodies, hearts, and souls. She enjoys working with people to support them in clearing limiting beliefs, resolving personal trauma and losses, embodiment, purpose in life, relationships, balancing and healing energy, wellness, navigating challenging emotions, resolving emotions, identity, and soul alignment. 

Candice offers a weekly Restorative Yoga Class, individual and couples healing sessions in person and remotely, ongoing Women’s Healing Circles, Family Constellations/Ancestral workshops, and international soul-nourishing retreats. She has been an art teacher of public schools for 6 years, a Holistic Psychotherapist for 3, and is now in her truest form at the moment as a Holistic Healer.