Meet ... Abena Boamah

Abena Boamah is founder and visionary behind Hanahana Beauty, a skincare brand committed to empowering women of color. Handcrafting all products using 100% natural products.

Alongside that, Abena is an educator, and student, completing her masters in counseling psychology. She advocates for the wellness of young people. Abena is a creator + maker in various ways. She uses the skills her mother taught her as a child to experiment and create natural shea products.

Not only is she passionate about making products that make you feel smooth + comfortable in your skin, but also she's focused on empowering women of color by advancing efforts in holistic mental health care.

Hanahana began from a simple want to truly feel confident in my own skin. Four years ago, I decided that I was over buying skincare products without knowing what was actually in it. I went back to what I knew, shea butter. In my childhood we’d always have shea, ‘Nkuto’ which is what we call it Twi, one of the many dialects spoken in Ghana, West Africa. We used it for everything.  When your leg hurts, when your back hurts, and when you need to moisturize your face. Through exploration and reading about the healing powers of natural oils and butters I’ve been able to create products that I know will leave my skin hydrated and smooth.

I am an educator, student, and creative. I feel confident in my own skin knowing what is going on it and I’m excited to share it all with you!